Flooring types

Today, there is no need to choose one flooring type for your whole property while you got lots of options to choose from. You not only get to have a good looking interior detail but also get to fit the right flooring type for each room depending on use. There are several flooring types that you can weigh your options from, and the article will pinpoint some of them for you. They include both contemporary and modern designs that your preferences will be catered for.

What are some of the common flooring types sort? They include the following:

Wood floor

Wooden flooring gives a property a sense of antique class and coziness that cannot go unnoticed. They are warm but need regular maintenance if you want them to stay durable. Wooden floor material would not be the best idea for you in an area or room with regular spills; thus, you may opt to fit it in your study, living room, or bedroom.


Tiles have become one of the most common flooring types today. Choosing tile flooring gives you several options that you can choose from, such as ceramic, stone, wood-mimics, and marble. They are made in different colors, designs, and texture; thus, you can select based on your specifications. A rough texture tile would be ideal for areas such as the bathroom and kitchen, where you need to minimize accidents by slipping off. The softer makes can be used in rooms such as the dining area or bedroom. One of the advantages of tiles is that they are easy to clean and are durable if well fit.

A close up shot of natural flooring


Bamboo is not a wood but grass but still has the same appealing look. However, your property looks more classy in bamboo floors that are glued or nailed down together. Bamboo, unlike wood, which may not be ideal in wet floors, its water resistant that you will have no issue with spills if you opt to use it for your kitchen. Bamboo is not as hard as wood; thus, it is prone to scratches and dents over time.

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