The Qualities Of A Good Insurance Agent

The insurance agent is responsible for assisting individuals, families and companies in finding appropriate protection for their health, property and life (Forsikring). A right insurance agent must have a clear understanding of financial products of interest to consumers and technologies that are still relevant and customer service to create a trusted name.

When choosing a life insurance agent, you need to consider many different variables. If the agent does not have the characteristics listed below, he or she is unlikely to remain in the long term business.


1. Know the product. Besides essential insurance products, an increasing number of insurance agents offer comprehensive financial services, thus creating a single store where customers can meet their insurance and financial planning needs (Nemi Forsikring). A right insurance agent always receives information about changes to tax and insurance laws that may affect a customer’s investment.


2. Competitive customer service. Even in today’s computerized world, a large number of people prefer to buy policies, sit with an agent, and not connect to the Internet. By doing so, they emphasize the importance of excellent customer service.

Best flexible, enthusiastic and reliable agents. Their mission is to inspire customer confidence through effective communication. To help meet customer needs, many agents hire customer support representatives to solve customer problems, make policy changes, and process applications, allowing the agent to find new customers and maintain relationships with old customers freely.


3. Persistence. Although some agents may always contact the customer about insurance, it may seem negative, but negative stability is a necessary quality in sales, especially in insurance. Customers who are unable to track leads systematically are unlikely to achieve long-term success. This refers to enthusiasm, whose absence causes damage to both the client and the customer.



4. Competence – There are a lot of insurance consultants who lack a standard level of efficiency these days. Inability to leave your family in the cold under challenging times.


5. Honesty. A right insurance agent must be honest. But, as in any industry, there are always some bad apples. You need to ask their respective agents whether they can talk to any existing customers for feedback, or whether he/she has any feedback.


6. Strong back-office support – A right agent must have a strong back office team. This team should be able to help them resolve administrative issues, such as changing patrons, changing addresses, and changing pre-delegated bank details. A strong back office team can assist in reporting semi-annual or annual reviews and provide updated information on any policy changes.


7. Complete product shelf. Insurance agents are usually limited to one or two carriers, while independent agents can offer products to a large number of insurance companies. Although most independent agents work with only two or three companies, it is necessary to try to find an independent agent dealing with a wide range of transport companies and is not limited to any quotas.